A little about me :)

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Hi! My name is Karina Lanza and I'm a Graphic Designer/Artist that specializes in brand identity development and promotional work as well as web graphics. Wherever I go, I recognizes that design is absolutely everywhere and I love having it around me every day. I grew up taking countless art classes and started in painting and drawing. I later started incorporating my artistic style to my favorite computer softwares, and while I always considered myself an artist, I also developed myself as a designer and I identify myself to both mediums. I bounce back and forth between artistic to commercial styling and can adapt to different styles requested, while always striving to be uniquely creative with everything I do. I've always had a fascination and interest with the philosophies of marketing and I apply my marketing knowledge to all my creative ideas since I believe both are very important aspects in graphic design. I specialize in logo design, branding, promotional/advertising work, social media graphics, stationary, print/ labels and packaging, wedding conponents, photo retouching, labels and hang tag designs, large and smaller format signs, website layout design as well as web graphics design, digital tech drawings and renders, invites, 3d object design, product design/development, press kits, fashion catalogues, look books and more. I love trying a bit of everything when it comes to the broad world of design and I believe no project is beyond my capacity. When I'm not working on design and graphics, I'm focusing on the many other things I have interests in which are endless. I immerse myself in my work and look forward to projects and opportunities to come.