In order to maintain fairness and piece of mind for both parties (Designer & Customer), we charge 50% of requested services up front (before work begins) and will only commence the creation process once the initial payment is received. Remaining balance will be due upon completion and before all finalized files are sent to the new respective owners of the design(s) in question. Once Full payment has been received, all files will be emailed to the rightful new owners (Vector, png, gif, jpg's, pdf files as needed) 

*** klgd. will remain the rightful owners of any designs we've created until payment is completed for full purchase of the design(s) in     question.

*** We reserve the right to use all klgd. designs on our portfolio but rest assured it will not be used for anything else.  

*** Any design work we've created, that has not been granted full ownership to the client due to incomplete payment, is forbidden the use of the designs in question in any manner whatsoever until payments are completed. 

*** You will be required to acknowledge and agree to the terms listed above in a binding manner before the creation process begins.


The klgd. Team